Wednesday, 27 December 2017

Info on Super Greens Powder

Would you be willing to bid farewell to your favourite potato chips and sodas in favour of foods that can help reduce the risk of cancer, heart disease and more? How about trading in those donuts or pizzas for foods that will help relieve your stress, put you in a good mood, make your skin look radiant and slow the aging process? I can hear you saying, "Now you're talking!" super greens powder is an excellent resource for this.

It's true, there is quite a long list of super foods that you can choose from but the green super foods really make an impact on your health and well being. In the Middle East when you order grilled meats you get a whole basketful of raw vegetables from bell peppers to cucumbers and tomatoes to go with your meal. A definite throw-back to ancient times; reminiscent of when people ate the produce of the land and lived long healthy lives.

Green super foods may best be described as natural foods that have an overload of nutrients, way beyond what other foods contain. These foods not only provide nutrition but also have antioxidants which can help with various health problems. You can get these foods in a powder form from health food stores.

Green super foods include seaweed which is highly nutritious but not really popular in the western world. Barley grass and wheat grass are also part of the green super foods list. The liquid is extracted to concoct a very nutritious drink. It provides high levels of energy and keeps disease from attacking your immune system.

Acai berry is a more recent discovery and the basis for a food product that is becoming very popular. All the fat you took the trouble to store up gets turned into energy and consumed by your body due to the high energy levels these berries generate.